Operating Weight 56400lb

The Cat® 326 Excavator brings premium performance with simple-to-use technologies like Cat GRADE with 2D, Grade Assist, and Payload – all standard equipment from the factory to boost your operator efficiencies up to 45%. Combine these features with a new cab, longer maintenance intervals that lower your maintenance costs up to 20%, and a power system that reduces fuel consumption by up to 10% and you have a low-cost-per-unit-of-production excavator that’s perfect for medium- to heavy-duty applications.
Not all features are available in all regions.

Main System – Maximum Flow 481 l/min (127 gal/min)
Maximum Pressure – Equipment 5075psi
Maximum Pressure – Equipment – Lift Mode 5510psi
Maximum Pressure – Swing 4118psi
Maximum Pressure – Travel 5075psi
Boom Reach 5.9 m (19’4″)
Bucket HD 1.54 m³ (2.01 yd³)
Bucket Digging Force – ISO 37318lbf
Maximum Cutting Height 31.9ft
Maximum Depth Cut for 2440 mm (8 ft) Level Bottom 21.1ft
Maximum Digging Depth 22.38ft
Maximum Loading Height 21.1ft
Maximum Reach at Ground Level 33.2ft
Maximum Vertical Wall Digging Depth 17.6ft
Minimum Loading Height 7.84ft
Stick Reach 2.95 m (9’8″)
Stick Digging Force – ISO 27202lbf
Operating Weight 56400lb



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