Key Specifications/ Special Features:

HDPE Mix Color Regrind
Place of Origin: :JAPAN, US, EUROPE
Materials: :HDPE Injection
Color :Mix Color
Application :Injection Product
Grade :Injection
Type :Post Industrial Waste
Quality :Clean and less than 1% shortage
Form :Regrind
Unit :Ton/Tons
FOB Price :$500.00 – $600.00
Minimum Order :25 Tons
Payment Term :T/T 50/50
Estimate Lead Time :15 – 20 days
Supplying Capacity :200 tons/month
Packaging :Jumbo Bag

If your company is interested in supply please do contact us. We will be happy to hear from your end.
Contact : Kim Chi
COMPANY : 2 Lians Pte. Ltd.
ADDRESS : 111 North Bridge Road, 08-18 Peninsula Plaza, Singapore


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