Key Specifications/ Special Features:


Key Specifications/ Special Features:
We are suppliers of agricultural tractors of various brands. Our Company is specialized in the Stock and Export of Agricultural Tractors (Brand New, Reconditioned and Used).
We have available MF 125, MF 130, MF 133, MF 135, MF 165, MF 185, MF 188, MF 215, MF 385 / 2WD, MF 385 / 4WD, MF 260,MF 290,MF 295,MF 350, MF 360, MF 374, MF 460 ,MF 399,MF 699,MF 690,MF 220,MF 240,MF 285, MF 400 Series, MF 4300 Series, MF 8000 Series etc.
We deal with brand new, reconditioned and fairly used agricultural tractors.

Sole & Authorized Distributor Of Massey Ferguson & Millat Tractors, Manufacturer Exporter Best Quality Agricultural Implements
We are the Sole distributor and Exporter of Massey Ferguson Tractor in the World wide.
Massey Ferguson is the top Brand Name in world of Tractor Machinery.
We have different Design and Types.Efficient Oil-Immersed Multi-Disc Brake System with Pandent Pedal

  • High performance, fuel efficient, Perkins Turbocharged Engine
  • Less Smoke emmission due to better fuel burning
  • Oil cooler added for effective cooling
  • High PTO power for efficient operation of Tube Wells, Rotavators, Threshers etc.
  • Robust Straddle Rear Axle
  • Efficient oil immersed Disc Brakes
  • Spring suspension deluxe seat


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