Key Specifications/ Special Features:

Made in China Mini Wheat Harvester Walking Corn Harvester GF38 with Quality GuaranMain Features

1. Adopt new structure strengthened drive axle.

2. The space on sheller concaved plate can be adjusted rapidly.

3.Adopt secondary shelling technique by surplus crop recycling sleeve.

4. Cleaning unit adopts axial and radial double inlet fan.This new type is equipped with a widen cleaning screener.

5. LCD rotating speed instrument, alarm system for component bloggingand full grain, which is of high leveled automation.

6. Choosable high rib tires, and the distance between back wheels can be adjusted.

7. Choosable displacement with special accessories for harvest of rice, soybean, etc. 8. Choosbale straw choosing machine to satisfy the requirement of straw recycling..


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